Old Stuff

Photorealistic Faces


Face Cylindrical Mapping in 3DS Max


Faking Refraction in DX7 using bent normal (March 2000)


Brushed Metal

Here is an effect I created using the infamous NVEffectsBrowser.  This is using a texture map with N * L encoded in RGB and N * H encoded in A (alpha).  It then uses a normal map and looks up the final output color from the N*L + N*H texture map.  The source code can be found here

ShaderX Chapter

I wrote a chapter in a book called Direct3D ShaderX that was published in July of 2002.

You can buy it at Barnes & Noble Here

Minneart Lighting

This is a form of BRDFS (Bi-Directional Distribution Function) where the effect only darkens or lightens depending on the eye.  It's really a cheesy hack, but doesn't look too bad. Source code can be found here.

Gouraud Shading
Minnaert Shading

Cloud Cover

This is for the upcoming book Games Gems III.  It demonstrates using cube maps to encode shadows as well as clouds in a cube map.
The Shadows have been darkened, so that they show up in the terrain.  This demo look better when animating.
Click here for the source code and executable

Particle Effects

Complete particle system with Verlet integration in DirectX 8 shaders.  Particle file format is text based, very similar to XML.  Particles can easily be added by making new text files
Click here for the source code and here for the executable (NVEffectsBrowser based)

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