Graphics Software I've Developed or Worked On

Reader Rabbit Wii, iPhone, iPad (Developed)

Jakers! Wii/PC (Developed Wii Version)

Elemental Engine II (Designed and Developed)

Sky Pirates (Developed for Arcade)

FarCry : Paradise Lost (Developed, Arcade)

Justice League Heroes (Arcade, Elemental 3D Engine)

Expresso Fitness Spark (Developed, Fitness Bicycle Training)

Meez.com (Developed, Java Rendering Pipeline, Rasterizer, Shader System)

Medal of Honor ; Pacific Assault PC (DX7, DX9 Shaders, Misc work)

FarCry PC (DX7/DX9 Shaders, XBOX work)

Samurai Shodown IV, King of Fighters (Developed Xbox)

NVIDIA Shaders and Demos (Developed)

Wing Commander Sony PlayStation (CoLead Developer)

PGA Tour 486 (Part of Developer Team)

The Immortal PC (Sole Developer)

Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat Simulator (Programmer)

Atari ST Rampage (Amiga, PC, Apple ][ (Sole programmer, Assembly Language)

Atari ST Sword Of Kadash 1984 (Sole Programmer)

Copy ][ ST (Sole Programmer)

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